Thursday morning on CNN, anchor Erica Hill asked John Tory specifically about Adamson Barbecue's defiance of mask orders. It’s rare for CNN to report on local politics in Canada, but they’ve been covering Toronto’s recent lockdown for their U.S. audience to show how countries outside the States are dealing with Covid.

Both Hill and Tory were professional enough to not fan the flames of division by calling out Adamson by name when discussing what Tory described to CNN as “a sort of festival”. Omitting details like that was the responsible thing to do.

CNN Interviews John Tory via webcam.
CNN Interviews John Tory via webcam.
“You’ve already had some businesses, a barbecue restaurant in particular, try to go against these lockdown measures.”

Since I have the luxury of not having to be half that responsible, let’s talk about it here. …


Dan Collen

Radical rationalist. Distant admirer of the newsroom. Long lasting and morbid fascination with internet subcultures. // IG: @danceecee || Twitter: @SpinelessL

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