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Canadian anti-masker Chris Sky has demonstrated a long pattern of violent rhetoric, including but not limited to allegations against police officers.

Photo by Kindel.

On Thursday Toronto Police arrested Chris Saccoccia, better known as Chris Sky, and charged him with the following:

1. Three counts of Utter Death Threat
2. Assault Peace Officer with a Weapon
3. Dangerous Operation of a Conveyance

Saccoccia first issued threats on May 12. When police first went to his house on Wednesday, May 19, he tried driving in to one of them with his car. He was not apprehended at the time, but rather turned himself in the following day. He was released on bail on Friday.

In a vlog filmed after his release, Saccoccia told followers that…

A bar of soap, several Twitch suspensions, and particularly bad “Bronchitis” season have made one thing for sure: Spring hasn’t been kind to Calgary’s loudest adopted mayoral candidate.

An Irish Spring bar of deodorant soap. Kevin J. Johnston.
This will make sense in a minute.

“The whole household’s sick here. Logan’s sick. Kevin’s sick. So yeah, we’re kind of just all in the dumps right now… But, it’s not Covid.” Derek Storie clarified during an April 23 live stream of The Kevin J. Johnston Show.

Storie, Logan Murphy, and Kevin J. Johnston himself run the Twitch-based live stream together from the home they currently share in Calgary. Johnston, the face of the show, is a prominent political activist and less-than-successful politician no stranger to the highs and lows of Canada’s modern far-right political movement. …

From cancer to anti-black racist internet trolls, disease discussions have been at the forefront of extremist recruitment long before Covid-19.

Content warning: graphic and deliberate hate speech, racist imagery, racial slurs, domestic abuse, violence to animals

A “no symbol” overlapping a Coronavirus illustration with a Nazi Black Sun.
Illustration by me because I’m a narcissist.

Last Friday, The Trump Administration’s former CDC Director Robert Redfield told CNN that he believed Covid-19 had originated from a lab in Wuhan, China, and “escaped” to the outside world in the Fall of 2019. He admitted freely that he had no evidence of such, and that it was “only an opinion”.

Redfield’s comments were made during a time where The United States and most of the Western world is in the middle of a long overdue conversation about the correlation between the spread…

The CEO of a company that organized a volunteer trip that a Toronto nurse was returning from when she filmed a viral stunt has condemned her anti-mask activism. Representatives from Pearson affirmed the airport’s stance on passengers who promote unmasked travel, including a popular anti-masker that inspired the nurse from a trip with a confirmed outbreak.

Not All Heroes Wear Masks

Recently, a Toronto nurse’s viral Instagram story became the subject of some controversy. The story from Jessica Faraone, posted on March 4, captures a conflict between Faraone and staff at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Mississauga.

Amid it’s popularity on Instagram Katherine Laidlaw, a…

On March 3 Toronto Caribbean Newspaper, Toronto’s largest Caribbean news outlet, announced a panel of prolific conspiracy theorists and far-right media personalities, including Alex Jones, for an upcoming digital conference.

Awakening World Truth Summit promotion graphic featured Toronto Caribbean Newspaper’s Instagram page.

The conference, titled The Second Coming, is the second event as part of TCN’s Awakening: World Truth Summit. The first speakers’ panel took place on January 2 and featured David Icke, Ontario Member of Provincial Parliament Randy Hillier, and Pastor Henry Hildebrandt among others. Both Icke and Hildebrandt are returning to speak on the March 6 panel. Prior to Wednesday’s announcement, Jones’ upcoming appearance was revealed in a teaser trailer from TCN on Saturday, Feb. 28.

The Awakening website boasts, “Researchers, reporters, authors alike were discredited and labelled conspiracy theorists. …

Last week, The National Post and BlogTO published positive stories about a conspiracy theory organization with ties to alt-right movements. Both outlets left out crucial background information.

A screen capture of a National Post and a BlogTO article, both covering ‘We Are All Essential’.

On Wednesday, The National Post published a piece about Vladislav Sobolev, the founder of Hugs Over Masks, and his new spin-off group We Are All Essential, that faced criticism for both its sympathetic tone and details that it left out. The piece was also featured in The Edmonton Journal, despite it’s mentions of specific Ontario’s policies that wouldn’t apply to Alberta. The article cites recent coverage from a BlogTO article that portrays Sobolev positively.

In what some saw as a controversial and unexpected omission, the National Post did not mention Hugs Over Masks, despite the organization being Sobolev’s biggest claim…

The all-star panel features Randy Hillier, who was recently interviewed on an openly racist podcast, alongside self proclaimed son of G-d David Icke, Guiliani endorsed doctor ‘Zev’ Zelenko, outlaw pastor Henry Hildebrand, and disgraced anti-vaccine advocate Dr. Rashid Buttar.

*Update: Kyle Kemper, a Bitcoin trader and the half-brother of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, was added last-minute.

On December 15 Toronto Caribbean Newspaper (TCN) announced that Independent Member of Provincial Parliament for Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston Randy Hillier would be a featured speaker at TCN’s Awakening: Expose The Great Reset — World Truth Summit, an event scheduled for January 2, 2021.

The Awakening World Truth Summit. Saturday, January 2, 2020.
THE AWAKENING WORLD TRUTH SUMMIT - Saturday, January 2nd, 2020

Hillier was the fifth speaker announced, following David Icke, Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko, and Dr. Rashid Buttar. A sixth speaker, retired Ontario Provincial Police Constable Vincent Gircys, was announced later.

At first glance, merging Randy Hillier’s infamous brand as…

Thursday morning on CNN, anchor Erica Hill asked John Tory specifically about Adamson Barbecue's defiance of mask orders. It’s rare for CNN to report on local politics in Canada, but they’ve been covering Toronto’s recent lockdown for their U.S. audience to show how countries outside the States are dealing with Covid.

Both Hill and Tory were professional enough to not fan the flames of division by calling out Adamson by name when discussing what Tory described to CNN as “a sort of festival”. Omitting details like that was the responsible thing to do.

CNN Interviews John Tory via webcam.
“You’ve already had some businesses, a barbecue restaurant in particular, try to go against these lockdown measures.”

Since I have the luxury of not…

This blog is not intended as a source of primary journalism, but rather comedic commentary on the news. It’s satire. Feedback on anything, including accuracy of news commented on, is still encouraged.

For reasons expanded upon later and to avoid enabling potential cases of narcissistic personality disorder, certain unique precautions will be taken in this article.

Firstly, this article will not name anyone who wasn’t already named by a major news organization.

Secondly, all photographs that would otherwise be of Chris Saccoccia (named by Global and more) have been replaced by images of actor Dustin Milligan, as Saccoccia reminds me…

‘The Line’ isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Editor’s Note: The following article does not reflect the political ideology of COSY as a publication. However, we encourage political conversation of all kinds.

Update: In late October, The Line’s closed Facebook group was banned from the platform. Although many members have populated other social networks, There are still several local chapters of The Line and smaller partner groups active on Facebook.

Update: “Matt MacDwinnell”, who’s photograph I used with permission — is also known Matt McCausland, an active white supremacist and Neo-Nazi. His desire to create an ethnostate free of Jewish people in Scotland were reported by the Canadian…

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