That One Toronto Anti-Mask Guy is a Lot Weirder Than You Think

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For reasons expanded upon later and to avoid enabling potential cases of narcissistic personality disorder, certain unique precautions will be taken in this article.

Firstly, this article will not name anyone who wasn’t already named by a major news organization.

Secondly, all photographs that would otherwise be of Chris Saccoccia (named by Global and more) have been replaced by images of actor Dustin Milligan, as Saccoccia reminds me of his character in Dirk Gently’s Hollistic Detective Agency, and because Milligan is, shall we say, nice to look at.

Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia, Rob Carbone, and Maxime Bernier

Apologies for any confusion that this may cause.

Last weekend, Moncton police officers arrested a man for causing a public disturbance after he refused to comply with airline rules and yelled at a flight attendant. The suspect, Chris Saccoccia, filmed himself harassing an airline employee before his arrest and much like anyone else that’s caught in a public freak out video he’s been getting shamed by strangers on the internet since. And he freaked out good alright, Saccoccia can be heard in his own video first giving the flight attendant a go, then loudly interrupting the arresting officer while being read his rights, accusing the officer of assault, and as the camera turns off you can hear him say “you wanna touch me again, go for it”.

However, unlike anyone else that’s caught in a public freak out video, Saccoccia has over 80 thousand Instagram followers, an infraction against the quarantine act, a movement to get his judge fired before he goes to court, some unsubstantiated allegations of fraud, some funds raised to allegedly open his own school, an abundance of accusations of racism and homophobia, and a history of arguably bizarre times in the spotlight.

More importantly, he also has hundreds of loyal real life followers. And, when I say loyal, I don’t mean social media followers that keep him at the top of their feed. I mean followers that border on cult-like. Think I’m exaggerating? He literally calls himself “Leader of G-d’s Army”.

“Leader of God’s Army” - Instagram bio

And not to kink-shame, but some of his supporters are into it.

“Thank you Chris for leading us chosen ones.”
Screenshot from Chris Saccoccia’s Facebook Page.

It is the sum of all of these scandals and because he allegedly has the biggest closet in the white supremacist clubhouse (which we’ll get to) that I feel comfortable using a tone reserved specifically for bigots and not for the understandably frustrated anti-lockdown activists whom he desperately craves validation from. Canada’s Covid response has left people feeling loneliness we’ve never faced, and some are abusing that vulnerability to stroke their own egos.

Yes, the Moncton arrest itself is only the most recent chapter in the tragedy of Christopher the Loud. He was recently fined for violating mandatory quarantine following international travel and despite the very purpose of the fines existing as a deterring, his fines got a ton of media attention due to his personal infamy. In fact, one of the rallies he was fined at was attended by the leaders of two Canadian far-right political parties, both of which Saccoccia met with.

Maxime Bernier is running for Prime Minister. His attendance at The Line’s Toronto rally was covered by some alt-right columns, but most news outlets still spent more time on Saccoccia. So, with what seems to be more than half of the news that’s covered Canada’s anti-lockdown protests focusing on one guy, I am at the mercy of having to write about that one guy.

So fuck it, let’s get this over with.

How We Got Here

In writing about Canadian anti-lockdown, anti-mask, anti-vaccine, anti-government, anti-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink movements, there’s a glaring Catch-22 in the rhetoric. Every group that emerged (with the largest one, The Line in particular) has some branded element of being against authority, which is no surprise for movements that aim to constantly criticize government leadership. What might be a surprise is that they all have a problem with putting their own authority figures on a pedestal.

There are plenty of valid reasons to scrutinize Federal and Provincial Governments’ actions in the wake of Covid-19. Far more qualified writers than I are up to task of giving our elected officials a fair trashing. However, in the wake of our government giving inconsistent advise, I’ll advocate that the best solution is, probably, not to instead follow the advise of a pyramid scheme salesman of twenty years and a self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist (the descriptions of two of Hugs Over Masks’ co founders).

In the early days of lockdown, Canada had 8 different groups dedicated to protesting pandemic measures. Eventually, they mostly amalgamated into one large group advocating for intersectional causes and a few of the original groups staying on the sidelines advocating for specific parts of the larger message. Ie. Hugs Over Masks is mostly about protesting face masks and vaccines, Mothers Against Distancing’s goal is to fight restrictions in schools. Smaller groups that used to be specific to certain regions have mostly been replaced with city chapters for larger ones.

All of the larger organizations lean on each other. All of them have intersecting leaders. So, for all intents and purposes, the figureheads are pretty much the same across Canada. Some, I’ve met online and I’ll confess have been more polite to me than I have been in writing about them.

Long Facebook comment critiquing my past piece.
The full response is 843 words and we don’t have time for that today.
“Sarcastic quips aside, I’m actually really flattered that you thought I was a journalist.”
I really need to stop calling myself that thing that I’ve never called myself. Both screenshots from my Facebook wall.

In comparing to some of Saccoccia’s past remarks, I sense a slight contrast in tone.

List of things that could happen if The Great Replacement occurred, from Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia’s Facebook.

Heads up, The Great Replacement - a conspiracy theory often toted by White Supremacists - is going to be an ongoing theme here.

Another, more recent comment about The Great Replacement from Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia.
Dogwhistle? All I hear is a steam engine train.

In following the alt-right news circus (Trademark Ezra Levant and Andy Ngo) surrounding these guys, one thing for sure is that they don’t half ass it. Social media updates, speeches at rallies, merchandise; some of them are even doing it all as a full-time gig. But oddly — despite the dedication — it’s genuinely difficult for me to say for sure that they believe in what they’re saying. Why is that?

Well, for one thing, I don’t know enough about the organizations how all of the fundraising money goes. It’s unclear if organizers or speakers take a cut, if some of it goes towards legal fees. From an observer standpoint, it could be that donated funds only go towards event expenses or it could be that it all goes towards buying Chris more Instagram bots. Who’s to say?

But the main reason is that for most of the key figureheads in the movement, their place as a leader comes with celebrity status. It’s not just Saccoccia, there are a few very prominent figures with very loyal followings in the movement and all of them are making sure to capitalize on it. The same few names and faces are all over marketing for The Line, Hugs Over Masks, and all of their sister organizations. Some Vlog their day-to-days to, at the least, dozens of fans. Saccoccia just has the largest one. He’s also set himself up as THE Toronto one, so of course there’s a bigger audience to preach to.

It’s Called White Genocide, Ryan

Saccoccia was in Ireland in the first place to speak at an event for the Yellow Jackets. He’s been a member of the Yellow Jackets since before Covid-19 days. They’re loose coalition of protesters with different needs and desires. Last year, CBC reported that Pro-Pipeline protest groups made efforts to distance themselves from Yellow Jackets amidst accusations of racism. Earlier this year, several prominent Neo-Nazis gathered alongside Yellow Jackets to protest lock downs. Ed The Sock attended, made fun of Chris, embarrassed him in a short interview, and now five months later Toronto’s stuck with Duke Nukem’s failed clone as a cult leader.

“Shared a pizza with a black crack head.” — Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia
And a charismatic one at that.
“They don’t bend over for the LGBTQ lobby. Love Chick Fil A.” — Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia.

From speaking with members of The Line, it appeared to many followers of the movement that Saccoccia’s alleged associations with known white supremacists had not been brought up much since then. Until Tuesday, that is, when a few hours before emailing me, Chris appeared on a Neo-Nazi Youtuber’s channel and shared a laugh at a comment about a certain type of person *wink* controlling the media:

Finding out about this later that day made me instantly regret using my (((real))) name in email correspondence.

He also alluded to that particular type of person — which may or may not be an ethnicity and religion — funding the evil anti-racist blogs that maliciously dare to be against racism.

Prior to this, Saccoccia’s friend interviewing him was previously banned on his main Youtube account for hate speech. He’s probably most well known for his claims that on average, people of Somalian decent are only as intelligent as people of European decent who have Down’s Syndrome. No, that wasn’t sarcastic:

I did ask Chris if he agreed with his associates comments about Somalian peoples’ IQs but received no response as of yet.

A series of questions regarding opinions of race to Chris “Sky” Saccoccia.

But for the record Chris, Bernie Farber and George Soros aren’t funding Anti-racist and anti-Fascist activism, Onlyfans is.

Chris is also super cuddly with Rebel News, the far-right media empire who controversially gave platforms to Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes, Neo-Nazi associate Faith Goldy, and guy who’s known for calling Hitler a war hero, Tim Pool.

Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia speaking to a Rebel News personality.

Saccoccia has appeared in at least six Rebel News videos. Ezra Levant, the owner, fired Goldy for appearing on a Neo-Nazi podcast and reciting an oath of white supremacy. However, despite McInnes’ comments denying parts of the Holocaust, comparing Palestinian people to dogs, and posting a vlog entry titled “Ten Things I Hate About Jews”, he was recently welcomed back to Rebel as an old friend. Consistently inconsistent, aren’t we Ezra?

Goldy has been banned from Facebook and McInnes has been banned from Twitter, both for hate speech.

Hey Ezra: If you want to get a hat trick in denouncing Rebel News personalities who dabble in Nazi stuff, there’s never been a time like the present.

A crude, terrible Photoshop job of Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia as Stormfront from The Boys.

Mothers Against Women With Kids

In addition to his role in Hugs Over Masks and The Line, Saccoccia is ironically the sole figurehead of two of the early anti-etc groups, neither of which he is demographically representative of.

The less defunct of which is MAD: Moms Against Distancing (hyperlink may or may not lead to a better page than expected). Sources close to Saccoccia have actually alleged that he, a 37 year old man with no children, is in fact not a mother, despite being the founder, key figurehead, and prized speaker of the organization.

Information about Moms Against Distancing, the logo of which parodies Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
It’s not easy being a mom when you’re childless and identify as a man.

The group takes all of the outrage of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and aims it loosely towards the real villains: underpaid and overworked teachers trying their best. According to BlogTO, MAD has a very loosely knit and downright bonkers plan to open their own allegedly unregulated school.

A few months ago, members of MAD, wearing t-shirts for Hugs Over Masks (Saccoccia’s other gig) and fronted by a woman who gained notoriety for filming herself harassing nurses at St. Michael’s rode the Toronto subway in a grand public display of infection.

Back To Work Canada is a (maybe possibly?) defunct organization dedicated to sending Canadians back to work front line jobs. Their site is still operational, and has a fundraiser goal of half of MAD’s $50,000.

Regarding getting back to work, Saccoccia allegedly spent years working for his father’s own housing development company Sky Homes, but Chris has maybe also denied this as well?*

Email correspondence with Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia

He also denied… something, About Rob Carbone — The leader of The Republican Party of Canada. The reason I asked is because on his Instagram he mentioned Carbone ‘helped’ him out, but on his Facebook he said The RCMP Loves him so much, they just ‘let him go’.

“Luckily, with the help of Rob Carbone, Chris Sky was released in less than an hour.” — Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia
“RCMP loves me so much, they let me go!” — Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia

I assume he’s not referring to the one he accused of assaulting him?

For the record I did try to contact Carbone about this to set the record straight but I couldn’t get a hold of him in part because his party’s public email address appears to have been deactivated.

Anyways, Saccoccia’s personal LinkedIn currently lists his work position as The Vice President of Sky Homes.

“VP Skyhomes Corp at Skyhomes Corp”

He’s also been named in some Grade-A reviews for the company, so let’s talk about that.

Saccoccia’s The Limit

When I first looked up Sky Homes both of their business locations known to Google Maps were listed as, I’m not joking, “Public Toilet”. This has since been changed to reflect their actual work.

What hasn’t changed is the pattern of their reviews. I found five different reviews alleging fraud from established Google Reviewers that all appear to be legitimate accounts. At the time I started writing this, the Sky Homes Head Office had a 1.2 star rating, while their design studio had a completely different reputation with a whopping 1.3 star rating.

“Sky Homes Corporation. 1.2/5 stars.”

One claims, “They frauded me and my family. They have no respect for anyone but themselves.”

Another reads, “I was verbally abused by Chris Saccoccia during a consultation… He disparaged my ethnicity, and my financial situation. I walked out of the office with him yelling and cussing the whole time.”

When asked about Fraud allegations, Chris stated “Anybody alleging any fraudulent or illegal activity of any kind is full of it. And I will leave it at that”.*

Prior email correspondence with Chris ‘Sky” Saccoccia.

Afterwards, he posted this to his Facebook followers:

Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia calling for good reviews on his business page.

I Don’t Have a Clever Title for This Part But Chris Tried to Get a Judge Fired

After Saccoccia’s infraction against the quarantine act, a court date was set and within hours Chris had already mobilized more than 500 people to join a Facebook Group advocating for… Something. When I read through it, I didn’t really get what the plan was.


Here we see a comedy in two acts play out:


Among Chris’ cancel list is also children’s Trolls Dolls. So, that’s something.

Commentary on how Troll Dolls are indoctrination tools for pedophiles.

It’s Hard To Compete With That Level of Star Power

After I started writing this, The Line announced that their joint Vancouver rally with all of Saccoccia’s other organizations will have guest speeches from grand enemy of lizard kind David Icke and Plandemic’s lead actress Judy Mikivotis, scheduled for their Vancouver rally that just passed.

B.C. Freedom Rally Poster for Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 17 to 18th.

Icke has been banned from both Twitter and Facebook for spreading life-threatening misinformation about Covid-19 and Saccoccia has expressed a taste for Icke’s particular brand of raving lunacy in the past.

Grievances on David Icke’s live stream getting cut off.

The Hard Part

If you know someone that has started exhibiting signs that they might be dipping their toes into the bigot-infested sewage waters of The Line and Friends, reach out to them. There’s never been a colder time than right now and we could all use the help of a loved one keeping us grounded.

For an alternative group to vent about inconsistencies in travel restrictions, Faces of Advocacy is one dedicated to fighting parts of the lockdown that they believe are inhumane, and (as far as I know) none of their speakers believe in lizard people or dabble in Nazi stuff.

Oh, and if you’re Dustin Milligan and you’re reading this, I’m really sorry for dragging you in.

*UPDATE: Saccoccia has responded to my last email.

Email with detailed questions to Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia. Content is too long for image description.
“Everything you mention is inaccurate. Desperate. Ignorant and obvious. Good bye. (smiley face)” — Chris ‘Sky’ Saccoccia

Thanks to YVC — Hexposed for cropping and compiling bits of Saccoccia’s from his Oct. 13 interview with the world’s most ironic Raptor’s fan.

Thanks to Anti-Racist Canada for researching Saccoccia’s background when news outlets like CP24 did not, and for doing so as early as May.

This article is part of an ongoing series about the spread of the alt-right in Canada in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Other pieces include:

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